Increasing Your Online Presence

For better or worse, we are living in the digital age. Everything is going online, from the way we communicate to the way we do business. Knowing this, what is your business doing to ensure that your internet presence is being effective? Every business in today’s environment absolutely needs to have at least a website in order to be taken seriously. Think to yourself for a moment. If you don’t know something and want to learn about it, where would you go? The answer: the internet. So what does it say to your potential client or customer if they can’t find anything about your business online? Or worse, what if you’re missing out on people searching for a business like yours but they can’t find you because there’s nothing there to find? Operating a website can be done at a minimal cost, and in return your business will receive much more credibility. Your site should include at least three things: about you, what do you do/sell, and how to contact you. If you are selling goods, considering setting up your website to handle online orders to increase your customer base. It should be visually pleasing and free from any glaring errors, and most importantly easy to navigate.

So you’ve already got a website, now what? The larger your online presence, the more brand recognition you will have and the greater likelihood someone will choose to do business with you because you have given the impression that your business is well established. Creating a company LinkedIn page is a great way to get your name out there and see what other similar businesses are doing. In addition to getting an extra search result on Google, LinkedIn can also be a useful tool for hiring employees quickly and easily.¬†You can also create posts to keep the public informed about what you are doing as a company or to connect with your customers individually and encourage them to leave testimonials for your business that potential customers will be able to view. A word of caution: many small businesses realize the opportunities that an internet presence can bring and start off strong only to fall off later. Having a large online presence that is not well maintained and nurtured looks just as bad as having no presence at all. If you are going to be online, make a commitment to be consistent with what you do. Additionally, make sure that what you are doing is providing a positive impact to your business. It makes no sense to waste time trying to reach people if it is not increasing your sales, so you may need to consider other methods for marketing your business.


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